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Line Maze Escape


Escape the line quickly with a self-driving minicar!

You need to code the minicar so that it can escape the line accurately and quickly.

DATE: 2022.11.10 ~ 11
VENUE: TheK-Hotel
CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/HackingTeamSCP

Mini Bug Bounty


Let’s get the goods after you join the mini bugbounty.

You can search the vulnerability in the virtual asset which prepared by bugcamp team and report it to us. Team will validate about your report rightaway. We will send the goods to person who reported the most.

[how to play]
1. Scan the QR code.
2. Research the vulnerability about target.
3. Report to us what you find out every vulnerability.
4. We send the goods to you who reported the effective vulnerabilits most.

*Goods : bugcamp umbrella

DATE: 2022.11.10 ~ 11
VENUE: TheK-Hotel
CONTACT: hkjung@enki.co.kr


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