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POC gives you opportunities to communicate with each others.
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Power of XX


Power of XX is the one and only CTF for female hackers. It was established in 2011. And now it is not a simple CTF, it became one of the 'community' in Korea. To cultivate women cyber security researchers and retain women who already in the field. POC have established an active and sociable networking community.

DATE: 2021.11.11
VENUE: Online
EMAIL: powerofxx@gmail.com

Cutting Edge CTF


Challenge the problems that reflect the most up-to-date vulnerability technology. Cutting Edge!! Prove your skills and show off. We will do our best to bring out your abilities.
This contest is the Cutting Edge CTF collaborated with the POC2021 Conference..

DATE: 2021.10.31 09:00 ~ 11.06 21:00 UTC +09:00
   ◦ ESDR(Eat, Sleep, Dreamhack, Repeat) Package
   ◦ POC2021 conference tickets
   ◦ Worth $600 dreamhack point
Website: https://dreamhack.io/ctf/19
Contact: https://discord.gg/ZGSDdrGrzB
OPERATING: Dreamhack(Theori)

POC Quiz


How much do you know about the POC Conference? You can learn more about the POC conference with a simple survey. Wouldn't it be necessary to get to know each other in order to make a great security conference together? So I prepared. Solve as much as you know about POC!!
This contest is the POC Quiz CTF collaborated with the POC2021 Conference.

DATE: 2021.11.07 09:00 ~ 11.09 21:00 UTC +09:00
   ◦ POC2021 Conference ticket
   ◦ Worth $600 dreamhack point
Website: https://dreamhack.io/ctf/20
Contact: pocadm@gmail.com
OPERATING: Dreamhack(Theori)



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